An Election …

is something that just doesn’t happen every two or four years.

We are constantly making choices, not only about politics. Thus, we are electing to do this, to buy that, or to support our favorite cause. I gave this talk a year ago, May 2016, about the election. Then and now, this is much more than choosing someone to represent us. We need to represent ourselves. Take a look:

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signing up for sessions

I am a writer, metaphysical counselor, astrologer, hypnotherapist and world citizen.

I travel, offer sessions and readings, and give lectures internationally. I live and work in the USA and Europe, mostly in Germany; I offer programs and sessions on both coasts of the United States, and in Europe. This includes  Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Spain and the Spanish Islands, Slovenia, Italy, and the USA. I live on the Earth, and love it.

 I am open to exploring other areas too. Feel free to contact me to find out the latest schedule, or to help me to create one. – If you gather enough people (5 – 12 or more) for programs and individual sessions, I am willing to travel to you. I offer many topics, seminars and programs. Book signings and more. Please ask.

Besides the spiritual journeys described within these web pages, please look at my other interests and offerings too! Web-links below.

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Become a Tarotist

Harmony is a summer camp on the island of Pasman in Croatia. Fair prices, multiple teachers and events and excellent vegetarian food. The program was a big success. If you would like to sponsor something similar, please contact me!

Stephen will present a Tarot card intensive at Harmony the last week of June 2017. 23 – 30 June to be exact.
He asks the participants to bring their own decks, and he will use the classic Rider deck to teach with. Stephen will explain the meanings of the cards, numbers, colors and styles. We will have readings, watch for signs and symbols, and learn card lay-outs. There are many uses of the cards, and cleansing, protecting and focusing are important. It will be inter-active, intuitive and fun.

Stephen’s blog post

Publishing, prioritizing, and praying

Hi there travelers and light-workers,
I originally published this blog about the good news in May 2017. I had just published my first book in the series on lessons from reincarnation.I have since published a mysterious eBook, Two Tales and a Recipe, and Volume 2 of Inner Journeys.

Inner Journeys, Cosmic Sojourns, volumes 1 & 2

One can find my books online at GoodReads, Barnes & Noble and elsewhere.

Here is a link for Amazon!

Two Tales & a Recipe

You can find it here:  Two Tales & a Recipe
Inner Journeys, Cosmic Sojourns: Life transforming stories, adventures and messages from a spiritual hypnotherapist’s casebook”
* A manual for living disguised as a book on reincarnation!
Take a look, and don’t forget to review and share. Inner Journeys, Cosmic Sojourns
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Every year I make an annual trip to Europe, seeing clients and leading programs. In 2017 I taught an intensive course on Tarot Interpretation on an island in Croatia. How cool is that?I will return to Harmony on the island of Pasman in 2019. The program … How to conduct past life regressions!

When in Iowa I see clients, but I can also do certain sessions via internet technology such as skype, messenger or zoom. Email me if you would like to schedule something.
My travel schedule:

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